Immigration Law In Cabo

immigration law in cabo

Mexico, a diverse and welcoming country, offers endless opportunities for those who wish to settle here, whether for personal or professional reasons. In our Immigration section, we will guide you through the processes and requirements necessary to make your dream of living in Mexico a reality.

Whether you are seeking permanent, temporary or student residency, or are interested in investing in the country, we are here to provide you with the knowledge and legal assistance necessary to facilitate your transition.

Residency in Mexico

Permanent Residency: Want to settle in Mexico permanently? Explore the different types of permanent residency visas available and learn about the requirements to qualify.

Temporary Visas: If you plan to live in Mexico for a specific period of time, temporary visas may be the best option for you. Discover the different types of temporary visas and how to apply for them.

International Students: Mexico is home to many renowned educational institutions. Find out how to obtain a student visa to study in Mexico.

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Business and Investment

Visas for Investors: If you are interested in investing in Mexico or establishing a business, there are visa options designed specifically for foreign entrepreneurs and investors.

Working in Mexico: Get information on how to obtain a work visa in Mexico and the job opportunities available to foreigners.

Life in Mexico

Culture & Customs: Discover the rich Mexican culture, traditions and delicious cuisine that await you in your new home.

Services and Amenities: Get information on health services, education and other key aspects of daily life in Mexico..

Law in Cabo has an experienced team of immigration attorneys ready to guide you through the process of obtaining your residency visa in Mexico.
We will evaluate your particular case to determine the best visa option considering the reason for your stay, ties to the country, planned investments, among other important factors.

Our immigration lawyers can offer the following legal services:

  • Advice on the different types of visas and residency options in Mexico. Analysis of the case to determine the best category according to the applicant’s profile.
  • Preparation of the application and processing before the National Immigration Institute (INM). Completion and submission of all forms and documentary requirements.
  • Legal representation before the INM during the application, in case of being required for interview or clarifications.
  • Follow-up of the status of the process and assistance in case of any requirement or denial to appeal or reapply.
  • Advice on rights and obligations conferred by the residence visa obtained.
  • Renewal or change of stay status of the residence visa.
  • Obtaining complementary work or study permits.
  • Processing of permanent residence once the requirements of years of temporary residence have been fulfilled.
  • Advice on naturalization and obtaining Mexican citizenship.
  • Representation in case of deportation proceedings and defense before immigration authorities.
  • Notary services related to immigration procedures and powers of attorney.

The immigration lawyers are specialists who will assist you in various situations related to your foreign rights and procedures of your stay in the country. Their services include:

Advice on visa types

Comprehensive analysis of the foreigner’s situation to recommend the appropriate visas: temporary, permanent, renter, investor, family unit, etc.

Legal representation

Accompaniment in all appointments and processes before the INM for the initial visa application or legal assistance in case of being required to interviews before the INM or clarifications. Advice on legal actions available in case of denial and support to appeal or reapply.

Advice on rights and obligations

Explanation of the rights conferred by the visa obtained: work, study, access to health and banking services, etc.
Detail of the inherent obligations: payment of taxes, notices before INM of change of marital status, domicile, etc.
Clarification of doubts about permitted activities and visa restrictions.

Renewal and changes

Periodic renewal of the visa before the INM to maintain legal residency and management of changes in immigration status due to changes in circumstances or new plans in Mexico.

Permanent Residency

Advice on requirements and steps to convert a temporary residency into permanent residency.Proceedings before INM presenting the documentation that accredits the years of legal residence in Mexico.

Immigration Lawyers

With a lawyer specialized in immigration issues, you will have timely and personalized advice to make the best decisions in situations that impact your stay in Mexico. Count on a trusted expert by your side.

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Case Study

«My name is Isabela and I am Colombian. I have been living in Mexico for 5 years now and it has been a wonderful experience. When I initially moved, I made the mistake of not advising myself about the immigration requirements. I entered the country with a tourist visa that allowed me to stay only 180 days.

Time passed quickly between my job search and settling in Los Cabos. When I wanted to renew my tourist visa, it was denied and I fell into an irregular immigration status. This prevented me from getting a formal job and I was constantly stressed about the possibility of deportation.

It was then that I hired the law firm Law In Cabo. They advised me to apply for a temporary residency visa for family ties, since my brother resides in Mexico with a work visa. The attorney explained to me step by step the documents I needed to gather and personally accompanied me to my appointment at the INM.

Thanks to his excellent legal advice and representation, my application was approved in a few weeks. Today I have my temporary residency that allows me to live and work legally in this country that I love so much. I am very grateful for the experience and professionalism of the firm. I now recommend your services to any foreigner who needs to regularize their status in Mexico.»

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Lawyers in Los Cabos

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