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Tax law is the legal “rules” for how much the state, local, and federal governments can charge you for taxes each year. It also covers the procedures, policies and penalties for everything to do with tax issues.

Every year, the vast majority  of people are required to file an income tax return with the Revenue Service. Even though “tax season” has become an integral part of life, the process involved can still be confusing and even overwhelming for many people. The complex nature of federal tax law is, in part, to blame for the confusion.

To give you a better idea of how tax law works, this section provides a number of articles and resources on federal taxation, tax forms, audits, and tax problems. You’ll find detailed information on filing your return, claiming exemptions, taking advantage of deductions, dealing with an audit, avoiding tax issues, and getting legal help with your taxes.

When it’s worth to know Tax Law?

Some situations may be especially suited for hiring a tax attorney.

  • Estate planning. A tax lawyer can help you devise estate planning strategies and handle the paperwork involved in minimizing estate taxes, transferring assets to family members, setting up trusts and other tactics.
  • Starting a business. A tax lawyer may be able to help devise tax-smart strategies for starting, buying, selling or expanding a business.
  • Tax disputes. If you have a tax dispute; want to sue the state or a local tax authority over a tax matter; a tax attorney can help.
  • Tax relief. If you have an outstanding balance with a tax authority that you want to negotiate or contest, a tax lawyer may be able to help you pursue options.

Our tax lawyers operate as an integrated unit and in partnership with our clients to develop sophisticated solutions to our clients’ most complex and important taxation issues. We offer leading expertise and have extensive experience in each of the following areas of corporate tax practice. While most people are aware that they are required to file income tax returns, fewer know that corporations are as well.

Subject to many of the same rules as individual taxpayers, corporations must also comply with an intricate body of rules addressing the unique problems faced by businesses. These rules can be complex and difficult to navigate, which is why it is important to seek out experienced tax attorneys who can help ensure compliance.

Tax Law in Mexico

The legal system in Mexico is complicated and can be much more difficult to maneuver within than in the United States, Canada, or many other places in the world. That’s why, if you need legal advice of any kind, it is important that you seek counsel from a reputable attorney.

If you are purchasing property, you require an attorney who can guide you through the complexities of undergoing a proper title search, lien investigation, and setting up a bank trust to ensure your investment is safe. If you find yourself in litigation of any kind, you will need an attorney who is familiar with the nuances of Mexican law to ensure your interests are tended too properly.

You might need help with an international business deal, escrow issue, incorporation or tax structuring, trust, labor law or immigration and naturalization services. Whatever your needs, make sure you hire a professional to guide you through the complexities of Mexican law. We also perform due diligence on the property to make sure the seller is authorized to sell, and the title is clean without liens and encumbrances.

Are available to help you understand the Mexican tax system and if are thinking about opening a business there, we can give you all the latest information on the required payment of taxes and duties. It  focuses on providing a wide range of cross-border, real estate development, transactional and regulatory services to national and international businesses with interests throughout Baja and northern Mexico.

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