At Abogados Cabo we have lawyers specialized in Intellectual Property and we ensure a broad and strategic knowledge in trademark and business disputes in which digital, creative and industrial property (among others, such as trademarks, patents, designs, programs, etc.) are the key to the value of the business. Trademark law and the most important about distinctive signs.

Trademark Contracts

Nowadays, one of the main strategies to ensure the growth of a business, brand, and enter new markets, is the use of inter-brand contracts, strategic collaborations and interaction between companies with different audiences. It is the fastest way to grow in new market niches, take my word for it. Hand in hand with a partner that helps you to sell authority and trust in the new market, and above all, that between the two brands, increase the value of the other by supporting the same cause.

It is one of the most used strategies among big brands, for example, when Zara or any other clothing brand collaborates with Marvel, Disney, DC, Pokémon, etc. to use designs or logos on clothing, it is due to a collaboration between brands. From this collaboration between brands, one manages to sell to a new niche of users and consumers who are followers of the brand that puts the designs, and the second, in addition to sales revenue, obtains visibility and greater recognition in front of a public that sees the value of the collaborating brand reinforced. A trademark can be protected by registering it, that is, by filing applications for registration at the corresponding Trademark Registration Office.

Intellectual Property and Trademark Contracts Lawyer

The value of the decisions you can make in a business is incalculable. But the key will not only be in the decision to collaborate, but also in the negotiation of the agreement and the embodiment of the clauses in the contract. Here, not just any lawyer will do, because we are not talking about a lease of a local, housing, etc.. We are talking about a contract that can mean the success or ruin of a business, and the key to success will be in the intellectual property of the trademarks.

Trademark criminal, civil and administrative disputes

As in all areas, conflicts arise, and depending on their content, they can be civil (infringement of the rights of the owner of a trademark, for example, because they have used it without authorization or have taken advantage of its reputation).

Criminal offenses and conflicts (such as counterfeiting, plagiarism, etc.).

And problems with registries and trademark offices, where the future of your trademark can change from one day to the next if you do not take into account the importance of registration applications, publications in bulletins, and the importance of protecting registered trademarks.

Trademark Attorney Services

As specialists, we work with people who need protection of their trademark rights, for example, because they need to register it to shield their business, products or services.

Copyright related to a Trademark

When they are related, I also work on the protection of copyrights and related rights, since in many occasions, the trademark uses the creativity of the people who work with it.

The image rights of the people who work with the Brand.

Claims for image, intimacy and privacy rights. That can have the objective of damaging the value of a business and therefore, affect the valuation of its brand.

Digital brands

We also specialize in digital businesses, where brands suffer more from oblivion and ignorance of companies, and it is here, where I help businesses and brand owners to maintain the value and brand rights.

Brands in Social Networks

If you have profiles on social networks, or your business does marketing, promotion or sells directly on the Internet, you will know the importance of protecting the names of your profiles, page, online store, and of course, that there are no imitators and unfair competitors. In conflicts in social networks, the lawyer specialized in trademarks, can help increasing the guarantees of success and advising in the preparation of evidence and documents for a claim.

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