Most companies seek legal services only when they have a problem, for example, when they are sued or want to sue to demand the fulfillment of an obligation, however, there are several reasons why you should hire the services of a professional that perhaps you did not know.

By having knowledge of the law and extensive experience in negotiations, lawyers are very useful at various times throughout the life of the business and we can even help it grow. Many decisions within companies are made without considering the opinion of a legal expert, which subsequently generates problems, either because they are legally unfeasible, or because adequate measures were not taken to be protected.

lawyer for my company

In addition to solving conflicts, a lawyer can help you structure your company and business strategy, in order to avoid fines and unnecessary expenses, to have a clear relationship with customers and suppliers, as well as to avoid possible lawsuits that are usually late and costly, can also tell you what corporate structure will provide greater tax benefits, and in general, how you can legally organize your activity to maximize the operation. The most important thing is that the client can take charge of the operation of the business and have at hand the best strategies to make it grow.

In this article, Law In Cabo will mention the ways in which a lawyer can help you generate strategies to grow your business and that you may not have known before:

1. Contract Negotiation

Much of the work of lawyers is to support in the negotiation of commercial contracts, this for two reasons, the first is because their profession requires them to develop different tactics and negotiation skills, as well as communication skills, which helps them to convince and reach agreements beneficial to the parties.

lawyer for my company

Secondly, having a deep knowledge of the law, they know what are the most important aspects of contracts to avoid future problems. For example, a lawyer will pay special attention to:

2. Having well established the responsibilities of each party

  • The reasons for which the contract can be terminated early.
  • Sanctions in case of breach.
  • Aspects that could generate legal or fiscal benefits for the client.
  • Drafting clauses that protect the client from a possible lawsuit.
  • Having clear rules with partners and investors.
  • Conflicts that may arise between partners or with investors can have a decisive impact on the life of a business. This makes it crucial to have clear and precise rules between all the people involved in the creation and development of the company.

lawyer for my company

A large number of SMEs are family businesses, which makes it even more important to establish clearly and in writing the form of participation and obligations of each of the members, since any problem that may arise will affect not only the development of the company, but also the family relationships.

3. To hire the workers

Once the company is well defined in terms of its structure and the time comes to hire employees, there are several options that can be raised by a lawyer in order to avoid future labor problems. In particular, a lawyer can help you with the following questions:

  • Is it better to hire directly or use the services of an outsourcer?
  • Should I hire all my employees with the same company or is it convenient to use several?
  • Is it preferable to hire for a fixed or indefinite period of time?
  • What can I do if I hired an employee, but I am not satisfied with his/her performance?
  • This is essential to be able to prevent labor conflicts in the future, remembering that lawsuits are usually costly for companies and can seriously compromise their finances.

lawyer for my company

4. Franchising, licensing and distribution models

Once you have a consolidated business, the next step is to look for ways to make it grow, for which there are different business and legal models that allow you to expand the boundaries of the company.

A lawyer will first listen to your specific needs and your short, medium and long term objectives, and based on this, will present you with different options to market your products, as well as the risks and benefits of each one, to find the one that best suits what you are looking for. Subsequently, it will be in charge of implementing the legal part to avoid possible conflicts and not to hinder or delay the process.

At Law In Cabo we have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to companies, whether they are SMEs or with national presence. Our goal has always been to accompany our clients during the development of their business, to help them focus on making it grow and not worry about everything else.

lawyer for my company

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