The Penal Code also establishes this penalty for crimes against the crown, crimes of assassination of a person who kills a foreign Head of State or any other person protected by international treaties.

The crimes that are also considered serious according to the Penal Code are: serial rape, fire deaths, murder with obstruction of the recovery of the corpse, release of radioactive elements or nuclear energy, murder after kidnapping, rape of a minor after torture or deprivation of liberty, strangulation of critical infrastructures.

Other penalties established according to the crime are as follows:

  • Prison sentence greater than five years.
  • Absolute disqualification.
  • Special disqualifications for a term of more than five years.
  • Suspension from public office or employment for more than five years.
  • Deprivation of the right to drive mopeds and motor vehicles for a period of more than eight years.
  • Deprivation of the right to possess and carry weapons for a period of more than eight years.
  • Deprivation of the right to live in certain places or attend them, for a period of more than five years.
  • Prohibition to approach the victim or the relatives or other persons stipulated by the court or judge, for a period of more than five years.
  • Prohibition to communicate with the victim, the victim’s relatives or any other person stipulated by the court or judge, for a period of more than five years.
  • Deprivation of parental authority over incapacitated persons or minors.

Types of felonies

The types of felonies as established by the Penal Code are presented below:

Felony homicide

The felony of homicide is a crime in which another person is killed with malice aforethought and premeditation, which can be done personally or to receive a reward. The person accused of committing felony murder is sentenced to between ten and fifteen years.

Felony battery

Injuries are considered a serious crime, as stipulated in article 149 of the Penal Code, among them are: that which causes sterility or impotence, uselessness or the loss of any organ, the loss of the function of a sense, when it produces a psychic or somatic illness, which causes deformity.

The penalty for the person who commits the felony of injury is imprisonment for more than six years and up to twelve years, according to the circumstances in which it is committed.

Felony kidnapping

The serious crime of kidnapping is when it complies with the provisions of article 163, numeral 3 of the Penal Code. When the kidnapping has a duration of more than fifteen days, the prison sentence will be more than ten years and may be higher in case of an aggravating circumstance.

Serious crime of threat

Threat is when another person is told that some harm will be caused to him, to other persons or to his family. The felony of threat is when it occurs according to the provisions of article 169 numeral 1 of the Penal Code.

The harm threatened may be abortion, torture, homicide, kidnapping, injuries, among others. Also when the threat is made and a condition or amount is demanded and the offender achieves his purpose.

When the penalty for threat is applied at its highest level, it is a felony threat. In the case that the threat is directed against a group of people or a population and has the gravity required to achieve it, it will be a felony and the penalty will be the maximum that applies to this type of crime.

Felony sexual assault

The serious crime of sexual assault is when it meets the characteristics described in article 179 of the Penal Code. The penalty is imprisonment and varies between six and twelve years.

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