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Law in Cabo, your trusted legal partner in Los Cabos.

For over 20 years, our experienced attorneys have provided attentive guidance and effective solutions for all types of legal matters.

Our commitment to service excellence is reflected throughout our practice areas. These include family law, immigration, employment law, criminal law and foreign investment assistance.

We combine extensive knowledge of local laws with a personalized, client-centered approach.

Our goal is to inform and empower you at every step of the legal process.

We provide concrete solutions to your legal problems. Whether you are facing a complex family, immigration, divorce, employment or criminal matter, our firm is dedicated to protecting your interests and seeking the optimal outcome.

We understand your unique culture and local needs. We strive to resolve cases efficiently and to your satisfaction.
With a solution-oriented approach, our attorneys fight for your rights and create intelligent strategies tailored to each case.

Experience counts

We defend your rights, building justice.


Since our inception, our mission has been clear: to provide our clients with concrete and effective solutions to their civil legal problems. We understand that legal situations can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. That is why we are dedicated to providing solid legal representation and support at every stage of the legal process.

We provide legal services in an honest, sincere and effective manner, principles that are fundamental to meeting our clients’ needs and providing them with the legal security they need. We know that each case is unique and deserves individualized attention, which is why our specialized attorneys are committed to thoroughly understanding each client’s needs and goals.

Our approach goes beyond problem solving; we believe in the importance of empowering people with legal knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions and actively contribute to the resolution of their legal situation. As we move forward, we continue to build on the foundation of integrity and dedication that has made us the trusted resource in the legal field.

law in cabo san lucas legal services attorneys legal services
law in cabo legal services attorneys


Our vision is to transform the legal landscape through exceptional legal service. We want to be recognized as the benchmark in providing sound and effective legal solutions in the field of civil law.
Guided by our commitment to excellence and empathy, we aspire to empower our clients to face legal challenges with confidence.

In an ever-changing legal world, we are determined to stay ahead of the curve, adapting our strategy to effectively address our clients’ diverse legal needs. We believe that through our dedication to justice, integrity and the strength of our legal service, we will contribute to the well-being and legal security of our community and beyond.

Attorneys specializing in Civil Law, Intellectual Property, Family Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Foreign Law.

Family Lawyers

– Divorce

– Constitution of Family Patrimony.

– Parental Rights, Guardianship and Custody, and Alimony.

– Recognition of Paternity.

– Recognition of Concubinage

– Adoption of Minors.

– Family Law

– Declaration of Absence.

– Presumption of Death.

– Testamentary Succession Trial.

– Legitimate Succession Trial (Intestate).

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Civil Lawyers

– Deposit, Rent, Lease, Leasehold, Apparel, Transportation and Lodging.

– Lawsuit for the Request of Rendering of Accounts of Attorneys, Experts, Guardians, Auditors, Administrators, etc.

– Special Mortgage Judgment.

– Preparatory Means to Civil or Mercantile Executive Judgment.

– Plenary Judgment of Possession.

– Declaratory Judgment of Property and Claim.

– Special Trial of Lease of Real Estate.

– Demands for Termination, Fulfillment, Termination or Nullity of Civil Contracts.

– Judicial and Notarial Interpellations.

– Providence of New or Dangerous Work (In case of construction risks in adjoining property that could affect our own).

– Reparation of Damages (Moral Damages).

Foreign Law

– Temporary and Permanent Residency Permits

– Work Visas and Permits

– Business Visas for investors and professionals

– Student Visas and Study Permits

– Family Reunification Visas

– Citizenship Application

– Deportation Defense

– Advice on Migratory Regulations

– Assistance with Immigration Documentation

– Notification of Migratory Movements

– Property Acquisition by Foreigners

– Tax Obligations and

– Registration for Foreigners- Inheritance Procedures for Non-Residents

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