Most businesses seek legal services only when they have a problem, for example, when they are sued or want to sue to demand the fulfillment of an obligation, however, there are several reasons why you should hire the services of a professional that perhaps you did not know. At Law In Cabo we are at your company’s disposal. By having knowledge of the law and extensive experience in negotiations, lawyers are very useful at various times throughout the life of the business and we can even help you grow it. We have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to companies, whether they are SMEs or have a national presence. Our goal has always been to accompany our clients during the development of their business, to help them focus on making it grow and not worry about everything else.

We know that all business owners fear the possibility of being sued. The risk is different depending on the type of business. However, some types of lawsuits are common to everyone, regardless of the type of business. Here we discuss the five types of lawsuits against businesses.

Discrimination Against Workers

Discrimination is defined as treating a worker differently because of race, sex, or other reasons. This is the most common reason for filing a lawsuit against a business, as workers in a business are protected by federal law against discrimination in the workplace.

Types of claims against businesses

This type of lawsuit also includes workplace harassment. Workplace harassment is hostile or detrimental treatment by one employee against another based on discrimination. If you own a business, and one of your employees has shared information about workplace harassment and you do not act to resolve the problem, the employee could file a lawsuit.

Finally, a lawsuit can be based on retaliation. Retaliation is the action of punishing an employee who filed a discrimination complaint. Retaliatory actions may include demotion, termination, or creating a hostile work environment for him/her.

Discrimination Against Customers

Your employees are not the only people who can bring a claim against you based on discrimination. Discrimination claims against customers are very common. For example, a customer may file a lawsuit against you if he/she is in a wheelchair and your establishment does not have a wheelchair ramp. You also can see:

Violation of labor law

Wage and salary laws may be local, federal or state. Lawsuits can be filed against employers who violate any of these laws. Most of these lawsuits are filed because the employer is paying employees less than minimum wage or refusing to pay them more for overtime.


Types of claims against businesses

A tort is a claim that is brought as a result of the violation of a person’s civil rights. One of these is negligence, which is not an intentional violation but rather a failure by the business to behave in a reasonably prudent manner. For example, if you fail to post a warning sign to indicate a wet floor and someone slips and suffers injuries, a tort claim can be brought.

The other type of tort is the intentional violation of civil rights. A common example of this type of tort is fraud, which is the act of deceiving a person or group of people for personal or financial gain.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is a lawsuit between businesses. If both businesses agree on the terms of a contract, and one of them does not fulfill its responsibilities under the contract, the other may file a lawsuit.

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Types of claims against businesses

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